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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Daniel S. Walton30/Male/United Kingdom Group :iconteamwalton: TeamWalton
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Hey folks.

Just wanted y'all to know that I've moved accounts. You can find me over here:

:iconwaltonsaurus: :iconwaltonsaurus: :iconwaltonsaurus:

2015 is the year of fresh starts. I plan to do a lot more drawing, but drawing what I do not know, we'll have to see!

All Nuzlockes are officially on hold, or cancelled, or both. I don't know. Will probably try and stay away from them for the foreseeable future, as they never tend to end well. That being said, it's only a matter of time before I get the itch again!

Also, the Gotta' Draw 'em All Collaboration may have to be handed to somebody else, as I don't know whether it's something I wish to continue. It's a lot of work (even if it is totally awesomesauce). If anybody is interested in taking over the reigns, send me a note on my new account Waltonsaurus and I'll pass on the torch. To which you can do whatever you'd like with it.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who stopped by here and left a comment, a favourite or sent me awesome gifts! It really means a lot to me! I've met some incredible people here, some people who I'd like to think will be with me for a long ass time (even if I am a complete and utter prick).

Anyway! Thanks again all! Hopefully I'll see you on the other side!

I was tagged by :icontotoree12:, and although I don't usually do these things, figured I'd give it a whirl.

1. What does your Deviantart name mean and why?
The the first two letters are my initials, and the Walton is my surname. Totes original yaaaay.

2. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined and what are you into now?
Then: I was pretty much just a general video game geek. Lots of Nintendo and RPG related arts.
Now: Pokémon. The vast majority of my gallery is clogged up with those Pocket Monsters.

3. How many watchers do you have now?
1,303. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves. (kidding I love you all)

4. Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA?
:iconsuch-a-wally: :iconvertigo-gal: :iconmewitti:

5. Or lack thereof, move along…

6. Do you participate in clubs' contests here on dA?
I sometimes enter Nuzlocke contests. Sometimes. Most of the time I'm just too lazy.

7. What is your most popular submission?
Most viewed: <da:thumb id="334445640"/>
Most commented: <da:thumb id="446420152"/>
Most favourited:  Walton's Favourite Nuzlockers by DSWalton

8. What are your favourite non-anime TV shows?
Game of Thrones. Breaking Bad. QI. Futurama.

9. What are the things you wish you could draw better?
Backgrounds. Dynamic angles.

10. Summer or winter?
Winter is coming.

11. Rain or Sun?
If I'm inside, rain. I love the pitter-patter of rain against the window. Very relaxing.

12. What's your favourite type of music?
I'm mostly into rock music. (how vague)

13. PC or Mac

14. Anime or Manga?
Neither. I used to be into Anime/Manga but no longer have any interest in it.

15. Coke or Pepsi?

16. Read or TV?
I can't read. What are words. 

17. How many hours a day do you spend on dA?
I used to spend a lot of time here, but I'm rarely online these days.

18. Name a talent.
I'm pretty good at Earthworm Jim. Does that count?

19. Flash or traditional cartoons?
Traditional all the way,

20. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Amigo's Pizza. Fuckin' delicious.

21. What are your top 3 favorite books?(not mangas)
Books!? BOOKS!? Alright. To Kill a Mockingbird. The Story of Tracy Beaker. Chris Jericho's autobiography.

22. Wii or PlayStation?
I'm a Nintendo nerd. So. Xbox.

23. Name 3 of your favorite bands/singers.
Coheed & Cambria, Elbow and The Wildhearts.

24. Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?

25. Do you like Denny's?
I've only been a few times when I visited the states. So, yes?

26. What is your favorite smiley?

27. What is your favorite type of pie?
Steak and kidney.

28. Have you ever stayed up for 24 hours?

29. Do you go on dA a lot?
Used to. Not anymore.

30. Are you a member on any other sites besides DA?
Facebook. Tumblr. YouTube.

31. Do you cosplay?
Only as the coolest mother fucker every single day.

32. Fruits or sweets?

33. Buttered, plain, or salted popcorn?

34. Have you skipped school?
I was a good boy. Nope. Actually yes. A few times.

35. Have you been on a plane?

36. Have you swam in an ocean?
I've paddled.

37. Have you been ice skating?

38. Favourite vacation spot?

39. Ever been on TV?

40. Favorite salad and dressing?
Fuck salad.

41. What do you do to relax?
Play video games. Draw. Listen to music.

42. What is the last film you saw in the theater?
How to Train Your Dragon 2.

43. Favorite Sandwich?

44. If you could go anywhere in the world…
I'd love to go to Australia. If only it weren't so deadly.

45. Favorite time of the day?
Late evening.

46. What did you want to be when you were little?
Be a cartoonist. Still sorta do.

47. What do you want to be now?

48. If you could eat with one person, who would it be?
Soob. She's like a gourmet cook and would make many a tasty nom.

49. What character would you hate to be stuck in a room with?

50. When is your birthday?
May 21st. I accept paypal.

51. Favourite type of ice cream?
Vanilla. I'm quite boring.

52. Last book you read?
Harry Potter & the Philospher's Stone. It was shit.

53. Which store would you max out a credit card at?

54. Do you buy / sell / both on eBay.
Buy mostly.

55. What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
"Why are you starting another Nuzlocke?" (it's a fair question)

56. Favourite all time movie?
Back to the Future.

57. What was your favourite show when you were a kid?

58. What are you listening to right now?
The humming of my desktop compoopa.

59. What is the last thing you ate?
Mashed potatoes with backed beans and porkchops.

60. If you were a crayon what color would you be?

61. What is the first thing you notice about another person?
Booty. Do they got back? (I'm kidding)

62. Favorite sport to play?

63. Favorite Day of the Year?
My day off.

64. Hugs or Kisses?

65. Vanilla or Chocolate?
I'm with Ree, swirl please.

66. Favourite Board Game?
Hungry Hungry Hippos.

67. Favorite smells?

68. What inspires you?
Cool shit.

69. Do you have any piercings?
I used to have my ear pierced.

70. How many siblings do you have?
An older sister. She's lovely.

71. Bacon Bits or Croutons?
Always bacon. Always.

72. Favorite Day of the Week?
Wednesday. It's usually my day off.

73. Favorite phrase?

"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." - Bob Ross

74. Favorite Restaurant?

75. Favorite animal?
Foxes? I don't know.

76. Favorite thing to do outside?
Go back inside.

77. Favorite thing to do when it's raining?
Go back inside.

78. Favorite Disney character?
Go back inside. Wait... Stitch. He's fucking cool.

79. Do you like coffee? If so, what is your favourite brand?
Yes please.

80. Tags?
Anybody really. Go nuts.


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