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Daniel S. Walton
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Nottingham, UK
Will be a short stream but I wanted to draw before bed so come in! Hang out! Have fun!

Hey folks! I'm resuming something I started a while ago ('cause Tatsu owes me 20 bucks!), which is drawing EVERY Pokémon EVER! Will be carrying on with Gen 6. Mic is off, music is on, come on in and have some fun!

A few rules before you pop in.

• If there's a Skype call, please do not ask to be included. They are open to invitation only.
• I don't take song/video requests. I'll let you know if I want some. Feel free to share them with the chat though.
• Please do not roleplay in the chat. It's distracting. I don't mind little things like *hugs* or *gives ice cream to Walton*.
• Do not use bold, italics or underline. If you need to get my attention, you can use bold, but please refrain from doing it excessively.
• Be kind and considerate to each other. We're all friends at a Waltonstream!

Would also like to point out that I swear like a sailor, and can sometimes be a little "inappropriate". Please bare that in mind. I'll try to behave as best I can though!

Right, now that's all out of the way, c'mon in. :3c
(Update number 3 as some info about what you can include and number of entries. Again, in bold.)
(Update number 2 is about the prizes, so scroll on down. Also in bold!)
(Updated tidbits are in bold)

So I was just randomly drawing on stream, and Goloc put an awesome idea in my head! POKÉPROM! So I thought: "Hmmmm, let's make this fun! Let's make a contest!"

Don't worry, it won't be like that last contest I did that, because this one actually involves YOU! The lovely Pokémon/Nuzlocke community!

So what are the rules? Well, it's pretty darned simple.

Draw you Nuzlocke protagonist (or Pokémon OC), all dressed up pretty/smart/prettysmart for a prom! Where there will be musics and dancing and all kinds of fun! They should also be joined by one of their Pokémon, who are also looking snazzy. If you wish, the Pokémon can be portrayed as a Ginjinka! You can also include more than one Pokémon if you'd like.

Maybe you want to draw your pretty lady in a dress? Maybe you wanna draw your handsome guy in a tux. Maybe you wanna draw your pretty lady in a tux and your handsome guy in a dress! It doesn't matter, we won't judge. Except for a winner.

Entires can be traditional, digital, colour, black and white, you name it! There's no limit on entries, but only one entry can win per person.

If you don't have a Nuzlocke character or a Pokémon OC, feel free to draw one of your favourite Nuzlockers/OCs. Just be sure to give proper credit.

So what's up for grabs in this contest? Well, gather round folks, and I'll tell you!

  1. The top five entries will receive a cameo in Pokémon Emerald: Wren-Mode (that's my Nuzlocke in case you didn't know. They will be spread out over the course of the story.
  2. The top three entries will receive a full commission style request, which can be anything you like. These may take some time, but will be my top priority once the contest is done.
  3. The winner (aka number one), will receive a year's subscription to deviantART, which is always nice.

I'm gonna' shoot for a deadline by... Let's say... May 31st. That's quite a long time. Once your entry is done, feel free to send me a note, or just stick my dA icon in your description so it pops up in my mentions thing. That way I can fave it and save it for judging. If you're not sure how to do it, simply pop : icondswalton : in the description (without the spaces between the : ).

If you'd like an example, head on over yonder:…

Hopefully, this'll be loads of fun! Let's gooooooo!

Also! Be sure to let your friends know about this contest. The entries I've received so far have been super cute and I adore them and have squee'd on numerous occasions! 

If you have an questions, feel free to pop down a comment or send me a note. I'll be happy to answer them!


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PerplexedCam Apr 17, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hey Walton Guess what! Oliver has a date for that little prom thing you are doing. (Which is awesome.)
blackwing2 Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... Here's my entry~ 83…
I can't believe I've only started reading your stuff now!
It's bloody fantastic, all of it! You have a watcher in me, that's for sure!
DSWalton Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're much too kind! *blushblush*
Froodals Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist



:excited: YOU GOT OVER 1000!!!!

PokeBall Toastys Ultra Excitement PokeBall Toastys 
DSWalton Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heheeeeee thank you so much! 

(I have no idea why that many people are watching me, maybe I owe them money?)
Froodals Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LETS PARTY *spins you around the room* :iconspinplz:

((if you owe them money HOLY shiiiit you better be rich :XD: ))
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